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Movies are the greatest form of storytelling ever invented. They combine all of the best parts of other storytelling mediums into one, magical place.

Movies have the power to inspire, to persuade, and to transport us to another time and place. They give us the opportunity to live a thousand different lives, to understand and become another person, all while engaging our imaginations. Movies have the power to be a force for good, or for evil.

Movies have the power to divide, such as the controversy created by DC’s Superman vs. Batman, and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. But the even greater power of movies is their ability to unite. Franchises such as Star Wars unite people across the globe with their shared love of a galaxy, far, far away.

Hi, I’m Grace, and I love movies.

I am a writer, an observer, and the host of a very lively imagination. One day I hope to become a member of the film industry. But for now, I am excited to create a place to share my love of movies with others.

I love the Lord, my family, books, history, painting, learning, observing, writing, people, and of course, movies.

I am so happy to welcome you to my little corner of the Internet, feel free to stop by anytime.