Why I Love Movies

My first movie was The Prince of Egypt, an incredible film that I saw at the age of two.

That movie drastically shaped the course of my life. It gave me a love for history, a love for miracles and the power of God, it helped me understand that messages could be conveyed through music, and it opened me up to being able to connect on a personal level with characters and stories. I. LOVED. IT.


It taught me about faith, perseverance, bravery, and so many other things. That movie grew tendrils into my soul and it still remains firmly planted in there.

Movies are such a special medium. They combine incredible storytelling, visual images, emotional music, and person to person interaction via characters with the audience. Movies have the ability to create a captive audience, an audience that is captivated by the story playing out before them.


I love the power that movies have to create common ground. Personally, I have very little in common with a vegan Harvard law graduate. However, if he loves Star Wars as much as I do, we instantly have something to talk about. Incredible movies have the power to unite multiple generations and people of different backgrounds on one common ground.


Movies are such an unnecessary gift. Because we live in a very blessed country, we have the time and money to enjoy magical stories on a regular basis. I do not take this privilege for granted. I treasure it as a great gift.

Sometimes movies create a wonderful place to rest my mind and heart. I can laugh or cry if I need to, and both my soul and body feel better.


But movies are not merely and escape for me. More often than not, I learn and grow when I watch movies, and not just on a technical what-worked-what-didn’t level, but about life and people. Sometimes I see myself reflected in the characters, sometimes I see other people I know or have faced. I learn about life and people.

I have gained courage by experiencing other character’s stories. I have been inspired, touched, taught, and given joy by so many movies.

Movies are so powerful, they can be used as a force for good or evil. It is my dream to make movies that seek to inspire, uplift, bring life, and speak truth, all while telling a story that people simply cannot look away from or forget.


This is why I love movies. This is what movies have meant to me. This is what I want to use movies for.

Why do you love movies?



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