Civil War: The First Annual Avenger’s Football Game

“You know what’s about to happen. Are you sure you want to punch your way out of this one?” 

“What do we do?”

“We fight.”

We all had quite a few expectations riding on this crucial battle between both sides of the Civil War. It was the ultimate power clash (well, with the exception of the god of Thunder and the Hulk, but hey, the other Avengers do have their limitations and there was at least 10 minutes of footage to fill).

Many fans expected the airport scene to be horrible for our emotions. Seriously, the thought of Widow and Hawkeye going at it when neither one of them is under mind-control was upsetting. And let’s not even talk about the idea of Widow fighting Cap, the guy who consistently covers her with his shield when the debris starts to fly. And then we have Vision and Scarlet Witch (future husband and wife in the comics) heading into battle against each other. That may need to be ironed out in the pre-marital counseling, just saying.

The thought of any of our beloved Avengers hurting each other was terrible, especially since we know that they all think they are doing the right thing. Gah! The pain!

Still, this scene was fulfilling every fan boy and fan girl’s questions. “What would happen if the Avengers fought each other? Could Falcon beat War Machine (yes, yes he can because Falcon is amazing). Who wins in a punch out between Widow and Hawkeye? Can Ant-man turned Giant-man just pick Avengers out of the sky like King Kong? Just how good is Spiderman?”

So, how do you write a scene with the excitement level set at high, explosions and punches turned up, former friends are foes, and yet, no one dies and fans are alternating gasping at blows and laughing at one-liners?

Answer: The First Annual Avenger’s Football Game.

Think about the thousands of families who have an annual football game, perhaps at Thanksgiving. The stakes are high, and competitive juices are sizzling hotter than the turkey! No one holds back, taunts are exchanged, and Uncle Bill may get a split lip. Still, at the end of the game no one is dead and the battle has entered the annals of legends.

That’s how this amazing scene struck me. I sat at the edge of my seat with the eagerness of a cat at Captain D’s. It was so stinkin’ good! Everyone had a goal in mind, but the majority of the Avengers weren’t really playing “Shoot to kill.”

Honestly, we know that some of these characters were holding back. We saw what Wanda did to the Avenger’s minds back in Age of Ultron. She pretty much compromised the whole team. Steve could have hit Spiderman really hard and squished him (I’m sorry, the title Spider is begging for that joke). But we all know that Steve would never hurt a kid. Vision could have sliced everyone in half if he had wanted to. Natasha has some pretty killer moves with her legs that could take Clint down, but did she really use them? No.

None of our buddies really wanted to hurt each other (except Black Panther but he’s new), so while they all pulled out some of their best fighting, no one died. I’ll just bet you it takes an extra level of skill to bust out those kind of moves with the intention of still leaving everyone alive when the dust settles.

This scene was lively and constantly moving. Characters kept switching foes, which gave us a chance to see different interactions and fighting styles. This entire scene was a superhero nerd’s dream. The filmmakers completely delivered on their promise to give us an incredible action scene while still having some consideration for our emotions. A consideration that they completely trampled on in that final Tony vs. Steve battle; but different time, different scene.

We never knew who was going to be fighting who, what new structure was going to become Giant-man’s new plaything, or, if everyone would stay on their respective teams. The icing on the cake came when Nat switched allegiances at the last minute….more on that tomorrow.

This scene was the stuff of both superhero and action movie legends. I hope that it will be referenced many more times throughout the future movies and I fully intend to watch it over again and again. For now, enjoy some photos and lines from a few of the best moments.

Widow and Hawkeye

“We’re still friends, right?” Natasha

“That depends on how hard you hit me.” Clint

Bucky vs Spiderman

“You have a metal arm? That is awesome, Dude!” Peter Parker


“I don’t know how many fights you’ve been in, but there’s not usually this much talking.” Falcon


“Tiny Dude is big now.” Rhodes 

“Anybody on our side hiding any shocking or fantastic abilities they would like to disclose?” Tony


What did you think of this scene? Was it everything you were hoping for? Did it disappoint you at all? Did anything take you by surprise? What was your favorite moment?

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